At J.L.E., Firestopping is Serious Business...


Imagine if you will; you’re in a hotel room, fast asleep...You dream that fire breaks out in the room below you due to smoking in bed. You’ve heard that smoke and fire can travel fast through unprotected openings in buildings... Then, awake in a cold sweat, you breath easy knowing you’ll have time to get out of the building...behind the escutcheon plates on the plumbing in the bathroom was a Firestop system, stickered, labeled and properly installed by a J.L.E. Firestop Specialist.


Firestopping is a complicated and very serious business. That's because "systems" are installed not "products", and currently there are over 3,000 tested systems, from over sixty manufacturers.

The problem is, there are currently no state licensing programs for "firestopping" installation. Anyone can do it! And with so many different products and systems to choose from, the potential for confusion, misapplication, and the associated risks is a very real concern. Until, J.L.E. Firestop.

One of many reasons to contract with J.L.E Firestop for all your Firestop applications and Installations.

J.L.E.'s highly trained team of Firestop application specialists are all well versed in developing functional Firestopping solutions from years of experience in the field and by carefully working with solution suppliers and facilities. J.L.E knows the testing, certification and support capabilities of all Firestop manufacturers and truly understands how plumbing, electrical, and mechanical services impact fire barriers and their ratings.

Please browse our website and learn why J.L.E.'s  expert team of STI Firestop specialists are the number one Firestop contractor in the the tri-state area.



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