Firestop & Insulation Applications

During the last few years, Firestop applications have drawn attention from building owners, operators, architects and others interested in protecting occupants and infrastructures from the ravaging effects of fire. Factory tested Firestop products have been designed to stop smoke, toxic fumes, superheated gases, and fire from migrating room-to-room, or one floor to another.

J.L.E. Inc. is an expert in the field of Firestop applications. We have successfully installed Firestops in all residential, commercial and industrial facilities:

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

  • Telecom Switch Sites

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Hotels

  • Multi-story Facilities

  • Condominiums

  • Apartments

  • Schools

  • Storage Facilities

Firestops save lives and protect critical systems and infrastructures when properly installed. Firestops can be applied to protect individual workspaces or entire facilities. J.L.E. is a trained STI Firestop Applicator. J.L.E., Inc. installs all Firestop Applications from traditional wall and floor penetrations to more complex plastic pipe, cable tray and grease duct systems.

Mechanical Insulation

Insulation for:

  • H.V.A.C Systems

  • Piping & Ducts

  • Metal Building

  • Boilers

  • Removable & Reusable Blanket Fabrication

  • Breechings

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Tanks

  • Vessels

  • Process Piping

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