The Firestop Systems Industry "An Executive Summary"
by Bill McHugh 

Flexible Duct Wrap As An ..

..Alternative To Fireresistance Rated Shaft  Building
Enclosures In The BOCA National Codes
by Steven R. Thorsell, L.A., CSI

Glossary of Firestop Terms by William J. McHugh, Jr. 

Experience in North America

The cost of Conflagration
by George Anolik 

Insulation and Fire Protection

"The Insulation Field is the logical choice to fill the job openings in the fire protection business"
by William J. McHugh, Jr. 
How to Avoid Firestopping Liability "Knowledge of the legal issues concerning firestop work can diminish liability problems"
by Karen L. Pszanka-Layng
Selecting Through-Penetration Firestops by Chas E. Magdanz, PE, CIPE
Viewpoint by Bill McHugh
NIA Article 6/2000    New! Article for "The Insulation Outlook" - Firestop Issue
by Bill McHugh